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June 8, 2015 #LSAT? #LawSchool #PersonalStatement Workshop – Toronto, Canada – Sunday May 31 – 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

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Personal, professional, law school application and law school personal statement consulting

– John Richardson


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John Richardson – University of Toronto

Hello, my name is John Richardson. Chances are that you arrived at this blog  because you attended one of my sessions at a career centre.  This blog was created to provide you with links to various Pre-Law sites that I reference. I have worked with pre-law students for many years. I am also the author of:

Law School Bound


Mastering The LSAT .

This blog is part of my experiment with social media. You can:

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I do lots of presentations for university career centers. During these seminars I am always describing sources of information. This “quick and dirty” blog is just a “hand out” to go with my seminars. It will link you to my other sites and to important sites.


I maintain an  Pre-Law and LSAT  blog for Pre-Laws at:

I also deliver many presentations for university career centres and student pre-law societies. If you would like a seminar for your group please email me at: prelawforum [at] gmail dot com.

During these presentations I refer to a number of sites. This site is to consolidate these links into one place.

I invite you to join my LSAT facebook discussion group which you will find at:

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Graduating From A Non- Canadian Law School? National Committee On Accreditation

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